Vancouver's David Ward Ventures into 'Golden Future Time' on New Album

Vancouver's David Ward Ventures into 'Golden Future Time' on New Album
Vancouver soul man David Ward has been active on the scene for a number of years now, and his latest endeavour is Golden Future Time, which will arrive in the new year on January 28.

This solo album consists of two distinct parts. Side A of the vinyl, which was produced and mixed by Tom Dobrzanski (Said the Whale, the Zolas, We Are the City), is dubbed Lost; side B is called Golden Future Time, and it was co-produced by Ward, along with Andrew Peebles and mixed by Anthony Dolhai of DiRTY RADiO.

A press release notes that Side A mixes prog complexity with Pink Floyd-indebted psychedelia, loud guitars, soft synths and cabaret influences. Side B, on the other hand, "picks up on the astral-soul tangent, taking us into a new dimension of Michael Jacksonesque harmonies, '70s disco guitar spank and vintage synthesizers."

Inspirations include George Orwell and Quentin Tarantino, while the themes explore "the fear of loss and the need for ideas that are bigger than us to preserve our hope and innocence." Scroll past the tracklist to hear the spaced-out, rhythmically intricate "Slowly Through the Night" below.

Golden Future Time will be available in deluxe packages with one-of-a-kind analogue photos taken with a Diana F+ camera. Check out Ward's website for more information.

Ward will tour Canada in early 2014. Before then, he will travel to the UK for some shows in the coming weeks. See his schedule here.

Golden Future Time:

A1. Slowly Through the Night
A2. Lost
A3. Ghost in the Woods
A4. Be Here
B1. Golden Future Time
B2. Bird in the Hand
B3. Fly