Vancouver Venue the Cobalt Facing Temporary Closure

Vancouver Venue the Cobalt Facing Temporary Closure
The next Canadian live music venue to shutter its doors may be the Cobalt in Vancouver — but hopefully just temporarily.
This week the venue revealed via Instagram that the hotel the bar operates out of is being ordered by the city to make repairs. According to the Cobalt, "the main focus will be replacing a shitload of floors."
It's unclear exactly when work will begin or how long the repairs will take, though the Cobalt predicts that the venue will have to remain closed for the duration of the renovations.
A number of upcoming shows are still scheduled over the next few months, and the Cobalt is encouraging acts to book a slot while the doors remain open.
On the bill in the coming weeks are Jessica Moss, Mary Timony and Allison Crutchfield, Ought, FRIGS and Shred Kelly to name a few. See the full calendar of events here.
Read the Cobalt's full message via their Instagram post below.

Some info on what's happening with us

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The building is currently owned by the Sahota family, who own an array of properties across Vancouver — including the Balmoral, which was shut down last year due to structural concerns and pest infestations.