Vampire Weekend Respond to Contra Model Lawsuit

Vampire Weekend Respond to <i>Contra</i> Model Lawsuit
As we reported last week, Vampire Weekend are being sued by ex-model Kirsten Kennis, who alleges that the signature given to release her photo to the band for the cover of their latest album, Contra, was fraudulent. Now that both Kennis's lawyer and defendant/photographer Tod Brody have had their say, it's the band's turn.

In an interview with NME, Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig called the whole ordeal "frustrating."

"I think I can speak for all of us and say this is the first time any of us have ever been sued, so we're still learning how it works," explained Koenig. "There's so many things we could say about it, but given we have no experience of it, we're just keeping conversations to a journal for now, which is a little frustrating."

"There's nothing we can say about it," he continued, pointing to the fact that for legal reasons, the band were forced to remain tight-lipped. "We're not trying to be mysterious. I imagine in the next few months there'll be plenty to talk about. Given it's our first time, we just want to do it properly."

Also, the Vampire Weekend camp has released this official statement about the case: "As is standard practice, Vampire Weekend and XL Recordings licensed the rights to use the photo on the cover of Contra pursuant to a license agreement that contains representations and warranties authorizing this use of the photo. Now that a lawsuit has been filed, we look forward to having the matter resolved in Court. We will be filing our response after we have had an opportunity to review the allegations. Consistent with our practice, we will not be commenting further about the pending litigation at this time."