Update: New Vampire Weekend Album Not Called 'Lemon Sounds'

Update: New Vampire Weekend Album Not Called 'Lemon Sounds'
Just yesterday (January 22), indie pop crew Vampire Weekend officially announced their third LP would drop May 7 through XL. Still, they had left a few details pending, but we now know that the album is called Lemon Sounds.

Update: While the artwork seriously looked spot-on, and this blog seemed to confirm this morning's news of Vampire Weekend's new LP being titled Lemon Sounds, apparently we've been had by some internet hoaxsters. According to Under the Radar, XL has stepped in to debunk the whole thing. The album is apparently not titled Lemon Sounds after all, the cover art is fake, and that's not the new LP's tracklisting. On the plus side, this could mean "Arms" actually is on the album.

As you can see from the cover art up above, the boys are continuing the art aesthetic established with their first two LPs. This one features their favourite font (Futura) placed atop a picture of a woman in a meringue-covered dress standing in front of lemon tree-patterned wallpaper. Hopefully they locked down this photo through the proper channels, so as to avoid another lawsuit.

We also have the tracklisting, which confirms that the previously premiered "Unbelievers" made its way onto the 10-song set, though apparently not this morning's live treat, "Arms" (although that could be going by another title). You can check out the details down below.

We can expect more updates at the newly launched LemonSounds.com.

Lemon Sounds:

1. Flutter

2. Obvious Bicycle

3. South First

4. Day In

5. Unbelievers

6. Diane Young

7. Wild Thyme

8. Coastal

9. Break of Day

10. Trotting