Valley of the Giants Valley of the Giants

A week may seem like too little time for most musicians, but Valley of the Giants proves that with the right people in a studio together, seven days can be more than enough to write and record a full-length album. Created using an old farmhouse in a cold, Ontario winter by members of Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, A Silver Mt. Zion, Shalabi Effect and Strawberry, Valley of the Giants is a prime example of how spontaneity can be the most effective ingredient in productivity. Like a classic Morricone soundtrack, there are plenty of barren vibes crawling in and out of the music, which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the artists involved. Admittedly inspired by the Yul Brynner starring film Westworld, the compositions stick to an "all quiet on the western front” formula, conjuring up dreamy sequences that could both disturb and delight. There is a healthy balance of beautifully lonesome ballads and hypnotic instrumentals that leave a feeling of banishment so deep in your psyche the roads to both sadness and madness seem like short drives. (Arts & Crafts)