[The User] Abandon

This is a very interesting project in the fact that it actually uses a building as an instrument in its compositions. Silo #5, an abandoned grain elevator in Montreal, is the structure the artists employed in this venture. Also unique about the project is that it is played at a distance, sounds sent into the elevator via the internet or telephone. The building has vast, open space, which produces immense echo and reverberation times. Loudspeakers and microphones are hung inside to release the sound, capture it, and release it again. Deep, low-end dronings buzz and rumble, shaking your woofers and surrounding household items. Modulating, ringing loops of feedback hover above the quake. There is factory-like, mechanical chattering mixed in, vibrating resonances humming, everything around shuddering. Reverberated tones are slightly piercing and they waver and whirr in a trance inducing fashion. Noisy sonics blast in with the power of violent windstorms. Even though the sounds are almost entirely unrecognisable there is a strangely organic quality to them. And it is quite fascinating that the manipulation of these sounds just by entering them into a highly acoustic building and recording the results provides such a unique creation. This is not for everyone though, only those into very experimental music. (Asphodel)