U.S. Girls "Damn That Valley" (video)

U.S. Girls 'Damn That Valley' (video)
While details have yet to arrive behind U.S. Girls' debut full-length for new label home 4AD, Meg Remy has given up an idea of what to expect with a new, politically informed, dub-styled single called "Damn That Valley."

A video was launched today (April 13), coinciding with the track now being up for grabs on iTunes. A press release explains that the song was inspired by author Sebastien Junger's War memoir, and acts as "the inner monologue of a war widow who can find no justification for her husband's death."

Sonically, Remy and collaborator Onakabazien have put together a balmy, dub-infused soundscape of up-ticked guitars, thick beats and Remy's signature, echo-drenched torch singing. Visually, there's a thematically on-point visit to a war memorial on display, along with shots of Remy crooning against the Washington Monument. You can check it out down below.

While info on U.S. Girls' next LP is scarce, it will act as the proper follow-up up 2012's Gem. Remy did, however, deliver the Free Advice Column EP in 2013.