Ursprung Ursprung

Visionary electronic producer Pantha du Prince (aka Hendrik Weber) and experimental Workshop member Stephan Abry team-up as Ursprung on Dial. The duo met over ten years ago when Weber played bass for Stella, a '90s, Hamburg-based band. Abry has also appeared as an instrumentalist on several of Pantha du Prince's recordings, including his last release, Black Noise. Despite previous collaborations, this is the first album where they collectively credit each other and come together as equal members. Produced during the winter in the Swiss Alps, the two deliver a guitar-driven, Krautrock, experimental, ambient record. Pantha du Prince's unique trademark sound is almost unidentifiable on Ursprung, with the only traces of his compositional rhythm structures emerging on "Lizzy." Opening number "Mummenschanz" is an organically evolving and sophisticated minimalist journey with mindful pacing. Ursprung delivers a uniquely modern and experimental album that gently reveals more with each listen. (Dial)