Urceus Exit Metro

Spacey electro analog type music. I started out not liking this, hearing vocoder Kraftwerk-style vocals, something I do not care for. Then some of the other tracks caught my interest. Track two was a faster, rhythm driven track with a dance feel, rising to a climatic peak. Track three was quite unique, a slow dubby atmosphere, skewed loops, with mixed up voice samples. Track four had distorted thunder-like beats, gassy bursts, crinkling crackling noises and melodic high tones, quite catchy. Track seven consisted of odd lullaby sounding notes, delayed beats, airy loops and a buzzing melody. Track ten was a noisy test tone rhythm, glurpy, static sound trip. All these above mentioned tracks had a nice flow within them, really felt together. Tracks five and nine were thumping, dance floor, rave-like ones, very groovy and moving. Track 11 was a mid-paced ’90s electro with an ’80s feel. There are some remixes on this CD but I liked the artist’s own material much better. So some really good numbers and some okay depending on your tastes. (Independent)