Urban Surf Kings Get Instro Mental

By the numbers, clean-cut instrumental surf rock is what you get here from these East Coast ambassadors of twang. These guys have done some soundtrack work, including the recent film Beefcake, and their well recorded, modern, aqueous sound would suit commercial projects like that quite well. The music is well played and songs like "Big Surf at Black Point" can measure beside any other surf tune past or present, but like many purely instrumental bands, they don't possess much of a distinct personality. They have slower numbers, "Tango el Rollo," and more country-ish stuff, "Legend Of Bog Road," and for just a three piece, they do manage to cover all the major instrumental rock "moods." They even slip in a slightly exotic flavour with "7 Veils a Go Go. I don't know if this record really deserves the title of "crazy surf party," but if you really need some new twang in your life, this might be you baby. (Cinnamon Toast)