Upsilon Acrux The Last Pirates of Upsilon

San Diego’s Upsilon Acrux is a punk-art guitar band that sounds like the Magic Band in the manic riffery of “Numbquon,” “Random Denoucement,” “Attention, Applause, Silence” and “Meatl Tweek” or Sonic Youth Jr. in such experimental pieces as “Swabin The Deck,” “Modulation 4,” “2-Pin Connection” and “Nails Wine Dio.” From the hyper-precision of the manic “45 Seconds” to a wild pastiche of the mid-‘60s jazz noise epic “Ascension (“Decension!)” Upsilon Acrux show a refreshing ability to reference artists from Robert Fripp to John Coltrane with crushing irreverence. Maybe the last of the cool guitar bands. (Win)