Update: Radiohead Not Scoring Choke

Update: Radiohead Not Scoring <i>Choke</i>
Sorry, folks, it seems Radiohead are in fact not scoring the movie Choke. Contrary to a report by the usually reliable BBC and then Exclaim!, Radiohead have only contributed a song to the upcoming film, not an entire score.

As the blog The Playlist has pointed out, Radiohead are only providing the In Rainbows song "Reckoner" to the film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, while soundtrack vet Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think is doing the score. The film’s music supervisors Ken Weinstein and Lyle Hysen confirmed this on the blog.

According to the original quote Palahniuk gave to the BBC: "Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it. So it’s Choke — with the music of Radiohead.” But it seems either Palahniuk is confused or mistaken, or the BBC has somehow misrepresented his intended meaning.

And while all this may come as a bit of a downer for Radiohead fans, the Choke soundtrack still comes sporting a lot of musical muscle. On the soundtrack, which is due out digitally September 23, you will find artists like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! ("Satan Said Dance"), the Fiery Furnaces ("Navy Nurse"), Ben Kweller ("The Rules"), the Twilight Singers ("There's Been An Accident") and Rogue Wave ("Lake Michigan").

The full tracklisting for the soundtrack is expected to be announced shortly, while the actual film hits theatres September 26.