Update: Black Lips Hate On Wavves, Add Insult to Primavera Injury

Update: Black Lips Hate On Wavves, Add Insult to Primavera Injury
Despite the potential for news regarding the depleting reputation of Wavves to become boring very soon, haters continue to bring their negative feelings for the Cali band to the forefront, and frankly, it's comical.

We reported earlier about Wavves' very public breakdown during their set at Spain's Primavera Sound Festival, which resulted in a nasty Pitchfork item calling the incident "the most epic onstage meltdown a band of their small size could conjure." To make matters worse, the band's vocalist, Nathan Williams, then regrettably blogged about the incident, citing a mixture of "ecstasy, valium and xanax," mental health issues and an ongoing drinking problem - only to delete the post soon after.

Now, to add even more insult to injury, Pitchfork has reported that the Black Lips' Jared Swilley talked shit about Williams in an interview with the national Norwegian radio station NRK, saying in an apt hipper-than-thou fashion, "A friend of mine gave him [Williams] MDMA [ecstasy], and he just couldn't take it."

Swilley continued, saying of Williams that he'd "heard stories from others that he's a real dick" and that "he needs to go back to school or move back in with his parents and sit down and think about things. He shouldn't play music. He shouldn't tour."

Considering both bands are slotted to play Chicago's Pitchfork Musical Festival in mid-July, perhaps we can expect a hipster bout of fisticuffs to go down between Williams and Swilley. And now that the Black Lips' singer/bassist has insinuated that he can handle his drug-intake, our money's on the latter.