Update: The Beach Boys Quash Brian Wilson Reunion Rumours

Update: The Beach Boys Quash Brian Wilson Reunion Rumours

Earlier this week, the rumour hit the Internet that Brian Wilson would be reuniting with the Beach Boys for a 50th anniversary tour. The legendary rock band, which have continued without Wilson since their infamous split, were said to be patching up their wounds for a high-profile tour next year. However, the Beach Boys' Mike Love has now stepped in to quash the rumours.

Contrary to a Las Vegas Sun report, a statement from Love on the Beach Boys' official website said the band will not be reuniting with Brian Wilson.

The statement reads:

The Beach Boys continue to tour approximately 150 shows a year in multiple countries. At this time there are no plans for my cousin Brian to rejoin the tour. He has new solo projects on the horizon and I wish him love and success..We have had some discussions of writing and possibly recording together, but nothing has been planned. I, as I'm sure he is, am proud and honored that The Beach Boys music has endured these 50 years, but felt the need to clarify that there are no current 'reunion' tour plans.

Compared to their troublesome past, wishing Wilson "love and success" is miles ahead of their previous relationship, but we're going to stop holding our breath for that Beach Boys reunion.