Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start Worst Band Name Ever

Since they decided to take the power away from those who would criticise their obscenely ridiculous moniker, the only thing left to talk about is the music, which, thankfully, doesn’t need the stupid name to garner attention. An endearing mix of lo-fi aesthetics and subtle electronic flourishes, Up Up Down Down’s music incorporates the earnestness of Pedro the Lion while avoiding the saccharine nature of emo-inspired lyricism, coming across more like a sweetly lazy dorm room interpretation of the Get Up Kids’ best material. The long-overdue follow-up to two strong internet-only EPs, this full-length clocks in at barely over 20 minutes but packs plenty of power into its short running time. "Christmas Eve 1993” may be one of the band’s strongest songs to date, while "Gas Station Hair” contains some of their brightest lyrics. A little too sleepy at times, this is still a great release from a band that will forever be slaves to what actually may be the worst band name ever. (Independent)