Up for Auction: John Lennon's Handwritten Lyrics to "A Day in the Life"

Up for Auction: John Lennon's Handwritten Lyrics to "A Day in the Life"
Okay, so you didn't get a chance to bid in the Abbey Road auction. Cheer up, nobody did. But hell, there's still a chance to nab a pretty sweet piece of Beatles paraphernalia by auction, and we aren't talking about the remnants of Record Store Day.

As the CBC reports, a handwritten copy of the lyrics to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band-closing "A Day in the Life" is set to hit the floor at New York's Sotheby's auction house this June.

The page of lyrics is authentically from Lennon's hand, and includes scribbles, crossed-out words, corrections and an indication of where Paul's parts in the song might fall, all written in blue ball-point pen and black felt marker. The piece, which first belonged to Beatles road manager Mal Evans, is expected to fetch between $500,000-700,000.

Despite the mixed success of handwritten Beatles lyrics at auctions, "A Day in the Life" is expected to fare well due to its special relevance to the Beatles' legacy. Not only is it the closing song of the album Rolling Stone calls the best of all time, the song also sparked a large amount of controversy upon its release in 1967, with perceived drug references leading to it being banned by the BBC and removed from selected countries' pressing of Sgt. Pepper's.

Pretty cool, if you happen to have half a mil just lying around.