!!! Unveil New Album Details, Single

!!! Unveil New Album Details, Single
Earlier today (May 20), party-funk collective !!! revealed the details of their forthcoming fourth album and, to whet our appetites, simultaneously released a taster single in the form of new track "AM/FM."

The new album is titled Strange Weather, Isn't It? and is due in North America on August 24 from Warp.

According to a press release, the band line-up has undergone a few changes since we last heard from !!!, with John Pugh, Justin Vandervolgen and Tyler Pope all leaving the band in favour of vocalist Shannon Funchess (of Light Asylum) and drummer Paul Quattrone (of Modey Lemon).

Strange Weather, Isn't It? was recorded partly in Berlin, and was inspired by the work of (who else?) Brian Eno. First single "AM/FM" is streaming at Pitchfork here, and the album tracklist is below.

Strange Weather, Isn't It?:

1. "AM/FM"
2. "The Most Certain Sure"
3. "Wannagain Wannagain"
4. "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass"
5. "Steady as the Sidewalk Cracks"
6. "Hollow"
7. "Jump Back"
8. "Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss"
9. "The Hammer"