Unseen The Anger And The Truth

Seething Brit-punk is very much alive on American soil, and that is evident with Boston's the Unseen. These mohawked, and spiky haired lager lads have taken their cues from the likes of GBH, the Exploited, Blitz, and Discharge to produce some of the most smouldering punk rock heard this millennium. Lyrically dealing with American degeneration, anti-trust of authority, violence, and anti-fascism, the Unseen are not tackling any new issues here. However, they are reminding us that they still prominent and relevant. Musically, the band is fast, aggressive, gruff and melodic as hell. Putting other bands of this same genre to shame. Don't mistake the Unseen as a bunch of postcard punks, they are legitimate and their sincerity and messages are worth listening to. (BYO)