Unmoral Unmoral

Formed by Norwegian black metal veterans Teloch (Gorgoroth) and Zweizz (Fleurety), and completed by former Mayhem skinsman/drummer-for-hire Hellhammer, Unmoral may have only been dishing out the old school evil for a couple of years but with such a storied history amongst their members, it’s no wonder that this two-song seven-inch is a haunting piece of double-bass drums and gurgling vocals worthy of Venom’s unforgettably obtuse At War With Satan. Cryptic and outright eerie, the reverberating guitars offset by backwards vocals and tormented screaming attests that while their contemporaries are still struggling to look the part, this power trio just oozes church-burning fun. It’s very rare that both sides of a vinyl single are worthy of constant spins but in the case of both "Say You Love It” and "This Is Not The Darkness You Paid For,” the grave humour coupled with a passionately distorted — mentally and musically — delivery shows that some sinister bands still know how to fuel the blackest of fires. (Vendlus)