Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
2015 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the groove in rock music, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra's most recent effort, Multi-Love, is helping head up the charge. The tone of the album is immediately set by the uber-catchy opening title track, with keyboard sounds ripped from 1970s rock, and lead singer Ruban Nielson climbing up and down his vocal register. "Ur Life One Night" has a driving groove that could easily be found on a Stevie record, with Nielson sounding very Wonder-esque.
A real highlight on the album is "Can't Keep Checking My Phone," which sports a serious groove as well as some very cool, and very subtle, vocal effects. It's that combination — between the album's groove and Nielson's vocals — that provides Multi-Loves' greatest moments, to the point that it's hard to focus on anything else on the album. UMO definitely have hit their stride with this record, solidifying their place as one of this era's premiere groove-rock bands. (Jagjaguwar)
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