Universal Mistakenly Presses the Fall Album Instead of Teen Got Talent Winner

Universal Mistakenly Presses the Fall Album Instead of Teen <i>Got Talent</i> Winner
A lot of Brits almost got a rude introduction to the Fall this month following quite the major slip-up over at Universal UK. Apparently, the initial pressings the label received of the debut album by 13-year-old Got Talent winner Faryl Smith actually contained copies of Mark E. Smith's 2008 Fall album Imperial Wax Solvent, meaning those expecting to hear the young pop tart's renditions of "Amazing Grace" and "Ave Maria" would have been in quite the surprise when they heard "Wolf Kidult Man" and "Senior Twilight Stock Replacer" instead.

According to the UK's Sun newspaper, the pressing error led to some rapid back-pedaling from Universal and some rather choice words to the pressing plant, which apparently made hundreds of incorrect copies.

And while it would have been priceless to see the reaction Mark E. Smith's bitter, old grumblings would have incited from unwary listeners, Universal is now reportedly disposing of the mispressed CDs

The correct (and likely way lamer) version of Faryl Smith's album, Faryl, is out March 9.