Union 69 Holiday 2000

Holiday 2000 is a hard punk/rock and roll album full of songs about trucks, screwing, overdosing and porn stars. The band contains some American tattoo artists who moved to Sweden and is filled out by some locals. The sound is mix of heavy Hellacopters and Turbonegro style rock with a bit of a Gwar element, as can be heard on "I Love My Truck" and "Friday Night." A few surf tunes are thrown in as well, and "Haunted Surf Shack" sounds a bit like Deadbolt. A lot of the lyrics here make the Meatmen and Dayglo Abortions seem fairly witty, with "I wanna be your vibrator" leading the pack. These guys would be great to see at a wild house party, but with boring and obvious material about wanting to be porn legend Ron Jeremy, they're hardly worth a second listen. (Bad Afro)