Unilad Is Launching a Record Label

Unilad Is Launching a Record Label
The advent of the Internet has helped establish a unique relationship between artistic expression and online content, but the latest move by UK-based site Unilad may be the truest marriage of the two yet. The content giant is set to give its brand a boost in music circles by launching a record label.

Unilad will conduct label operations alongside a company called Music Gateway, through which interested musicians can submit their music to the site, FACT reports. While there don't appear to be any limitations as far as genres go, the site seems to value artists who can play instruments in a live setting.

"Unilad are delighted to be working with Music Gateway in order to find the best new UK musical talent," the platform wrote in a press release. "Unilad are most interested in singers that can also perform using a live instrument."

Founded in 2010, Unilad specializes in posting "the best, funniest and most trending content from around the world," boasting over 20 million Facebook followers. Once described as the "number one university student lad's magazine," the site has received criticism in the past for posting content that was deemed vulgar and incredibly sexist, though site owners have since taken steps to improve editorial policies.

A music-centric offshoot of the site, dubbed Unilad Sound, has nearly 800,000 followers. Unilad has also been dubbed one of the most "10 hated websites of all time," along with "an entire culture summed up in one hideous website."