Unfinished George Harrison Songs to Be Polished and Released by Jeff Lynne

Unfinished George Harrison Songs to Be Polished and Released by Jeff Lynne
George Harrison fans rejoice. Producer and fellow Traveling Wilbury Jeff Lynne will be working on some of Harrison's unfinished demos for an upcoming release.

Lynne, best know for his time in the Electric Light Orchestra and his production work with the Beatles, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison, will reportedly be taking a large batch of half-completed Harrison-penned songs from the time of the Beatle's death in 2001 and finishing them off for a proper album.

Harrison's widow, Olivia, is on board with the upcoming project, telling Undercover [via The Daily Swarm], "There are lots of tracks. Some are closer to completion than others and with those I'd ask for help."

Also, Undercover is reporting that Harrison's son, Dhani, could be involved in the project. He and Lynne worked together on Harrison's final studio album, Brainwashed, released in 2002.

An unnamed source close to the Harrison family said, "George half-finished loads of songs and often just forgot about them. There is probably an album's worth of material. Jeff and George were very close and worked together a lot in the later period of George's life. He's the right man to work on the material."

Lynne isn't a stranger to completing unfinished tracks by Beatles. In 1995, the producer took demo vocals done by John Lennon in 1977 and added them to the Beatles track, "Free as a Bird," which was released in 1995.

In 2008, the Washington Times named Lynne the fourth greatest record producer in music history. Lynne is also working on the long-awaited follow-up to his 1990 solo album, Armchair Theatre with a planned release date later this year.