Unfinished Business

Mix and Mash

Unfinished BusinessMix and Mash
As if all-lady punk rock bands don't rule hard enough, Unfinished Business are ruling our socks off before any of them can even get a driver's license. The Toronto trio met and began the band in 2010 in their grade four/five split class (they were called Food Fight then) and have been steadily developing their sound since.

Now, at 14 and 15 years of age, the girls have a successful vinyl LP release under their belts, and have played NXNE showcases, record store shows and countless parties around the city. Mix and Mash, an eight-song debut vinyl release, features all original songs save one Negative Approach cover. In true punk rock fashion, the girls splice hilarious sound samples in between songs, including Ren & Stimpy and Arrested Development quotes.

Lead singer and guitarist Sita has an early Kathleen Hanna-esque, higher-pitched quality to her voice, giving the band that early Bikini Kill sound without the socio-political stance. In fact, no mention of boys or sex or lewdness can be found anywhere on the record; the band prefers to stick to light topics and being all-around adorably wicked. (Heretical Objects Cooperative)
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