Undesirable People "I Saw a Dove" (video)

Undesirable People "I Saw a Dove" (video)
Continuing a trend we started with last year's "Choose" video, we're once again delivering the first taste of new music from Detroit rockers Undesirable People with the video for "I Saw a Dove," the closing track of forthcoming release Ask Me If I Care.

The EP will be self-released on April 20, and if the song from which it nicked its name is any indication, it'll be a diverse six tracks. Kicking off with crooning and tender guitar plucking, it reaches emo-esque territory before the frantic punk outro with its incessant repeating "ask me if I care." Oh, and that's in under two minutes, with the remainder of the clip being comprised of a noisy fade-out.

"'I Saw a Dove' was written directly after the passing of my grandmother," says vocalist/bassist Mark Lebiecki. "Surprisingly enough, the happenings inside of the song are real. It's an actual play-by-play of a moment I experienced a few days after her funeral that lead to me to many mixed emotions. It was certainly a goal of ours to make sure that was captured musically as well. With intentions of being the opening track on Ask Me If I Care, it ended up appropriately becoming the closer.

"For the video, with the help of Ray Rivard, I think we found a way to visually represent a feeling of fear inside of growing older. In what instance do we stop celebrating life & living and replace that with counting down the years that remain? We'll leave that up to you."

You can be the judge of that in the player below, but first check out the tracklisting for the forthcoming EP.

Ask Me If I Care: 

1. Climb High
2. A Tender Delight
3. Failure, Float Towards Me
4. Bishop Park
5. Look at the Moon
6. I Saw a Dove