Understand Tyler, the Creator's "Tron Cat" Via Comic Strip

Understand Tyler, the Creator's 'Tron Cat' Via Comic Strip
Now that anyone who cares has had a chance to hear Tyler, the Creator's Goblin album, opinions have been formed and numerous debates about whether or not the buzz is deserved are happening all around the world. Because of this, it's easy to lose sight of the fun, often offensive anarchy of Tyler's music outside of the hype. Fortunately, there's now a comic strip to truly appreciate just how messed up his lyrics are.

Mad Magazine artist Dustin Glick teamed up with the MTV Hive blog to create a 62-panel comic strip illustrating the lyrics to "Tron Cat," one of the more offensive tracks on Goblin. Dead bodies, fellatio, feces, Chris Brown and Tyler's blurred-out junk -- it's all there, and it's all a reminder of the kind of fucked-up fun the Odd Future kids are having.

Check out the comic here.

 We're guessing that, unless it was a publicity stunt, it was exactly this sort of balls-out badassery that got Tyler, the Creator handcuffed outside of a Los Angeles high school yesterday (May 10).