Uncle Shredded Wheat Elevator Music: The Art of Thinking

Uncle Shredded Wheat sounds like he hopes to blow up with his latest, Elevator Music: The Art of Thinking, an album ready-made for the radio. Apparently previous and newer material are both dirtier, production-wise. This time up, Shredded Wheat presents plenty of guest appearances - Seif and Illogic of Rugged T'Reign (the group they share with Shredded Wheat), Eyezn Powa and Prime - plenty of synthesised keyboards and R&B choruses from Aprilstar and Jwiz. Lyrically, Shredded Wheat is good, with major concentration spent on songs that have some type of meaning - from working boring nine to fives ("What I Gotta Do" and "Crazy Jobs") to the joys and sorrows of love ("My Sweet" and "411"). It's just too bad Trackker's beats aren't more engaging, utilising weak drum beats that prevent the songs from ever truly having any edge. Nonetheless, USW succeeds on "What I Gotta Do," "Crazy Jobs" and "What's It All About," despite any weaknesses. What does this mean? Basically, once the good Uncle gets on top of some fresh beats, this Tampa Bay, Florida MC will make his presence known - a definite Southern alternative to the booty shaking and shit talking. (Legendary)