Uncle Luke Something Nasty

Luke rapping is like Master P. playing in the NBA - just because you enjoy doing something doesn't mean you can take it pro. Besides, loving sex and women doesn't suddenly give a person the gift of rap, as Luke seems to so boldly hope. Sure, I enjoy the exploitation of women as much as the next guy, but couldn't Luke keep it confined to his Freakshow videos. Especially since Uncle Luke (aka Luke Skyywalker, aka Luther Campbell) and his 2Live Crew have been irrelevant since shortly after the release of Banned in the U.S.A. Making big waves back in '89-'90, with their album As Nasty As They Wanna Be, Luther Campbell became the centre of media attention. The end result? Luke now overemphasises his importance to the rap and music world, exuding an overabundance of ego throughout his newest, Something Nasty. And again, Luke just can't rap. His guests are constantly outshining him, even on "Roll Wit' Luke," where Jiggie embarrasses herself by claiming, "If it don't sell, it's no good - you're wack." However, Luke is good at hooks, which makes a number of songs tolerably catchy, if simple. Examples of this are "Lollipop" (a horrible song except for the chorus), an updated version of the 2Live Crew's classic "We Want Some P**sy," cleverly entitled "We Want Some Head," and "Suck This Dick." His remakes and re-workings of choruses shows that the Puff Daddys of the world do at least owe him some credit. Still, Luke will never be as important as he self-righteously believes he is. Something Nasty is necessary only for clubs and booty fanatics. (Koch)