Unband Retarder

Making their major label debut just as heavy rock and roll is steadily back on the rise, the Unband are adding their sleazy juice to the new "power rock" mix of bands. The "power rock" hallmarks of simple, heavy, garage- and punk-influenced '70s boogie-rock delivered with stadium attitude are all here. The Unband deliver sometimes silly, sometimes catchy blasts of sonic excess, the best of which are the hook-laden "Pink Slip," "Geez Louise" and "Ski Hat." A wise cover choice is made by these guys with the old Billy Squire gem "Everybody Wants You" being rocked out like nobody's business. If there is a problem with the Unband, it's that it seems like the lyrics get a bit too dopey at times with "(Sure Do Feel Like A) Piece of Shit" and "Drink and Rock" pushing the stupid envelope to the max. Maybe if some lyrics weren't written while completely wasted, or if a few tracks had been left off the album altogether, this record could have been strengthened significantly. Even with all the less than cerebral elements taken into account, this is still an okay record to listen to while getting as royally screwed-up as these guys surely were recording it. (TVT)