Unai / Various Digital Disco 3

Surviving the cheesy posing stripper cover photo (taken at World of Sex, Frankfurt, according to the liner notes) nobody can say this DJ mix by the Swedish producer doesn’t start in the right place musically, with tracks produced or remixed by techno golden boys Jussi Pekka, John Tajeda and Trentmoller. It’s not without clunkers — the two minutes of Crane AK’s Sputnik feel like 15 — with a hit/miss ratio is nonetheless pretty high. With a sound that is undeniably electro/techno it manages, to its own credit, to avoid sounding too trendy, despite yet another playing of "Rej: by Ame. It even finishes gracefully with Igor O. Vlasov’s "Our Home.” Worth checking out for a tasteful insight into this year’s dance floor sound. (Force Tracks)