Unai A Love Moderne

Unai is Swedish producer Erik Moller, who released a debut album, Rebel Swing, back in 2001 and was nominated for a Swedish Grammy. In 2003, he signed to Force Tracks and was set to gain much wider international audience with his single "I Like Your Style.” But then the label went bankrupt and Unai went on the backburner. Two years on, the Force Tracks crew remerged as Disco Inc., and "I Like Your Style” was featured as one of the singles on Unai’s late 2005 follow-up, A Love Moderne. All of which is a shame, because at this rate A Love Moderne will slip off the radar largely unnoticed. Unai dabbles in the kind of neo-romanticism exploited by Present Lover-era Luomo, Junior Boys, and Superpitcher’s full-length work. Plaintive lyrics about lost love, a perpetual kick drum, and electro sheen all make Unai’s A Love Moderne an album worth tracking down. (Minor 7 Flat 5)