Un Blonde Returns with 'Water the Next Day' Album

Un Blonde Returns with 'Water the Next Day' Album
Calgary expat Jean-Sebastien Audet has always cranked out a baffling amount of material, and moving to Montreal hasn't changed that for the rising young artist. Working under his Un Blonde moniker, he's already amassed a solid batch of releases, including a Craft Singles tape earlier this year. Now, he's announced his next full-length.

Called Water the Next Day, the 12-song LP sees Audet already deconstructing his sound. Here, he's replaced guitars with warbly synth leads, electronic drums and soulful crooning. A press release likens it to Dirty Projectors and D'Angelo, and both comparisons are apt.

Though the sound has changed, the artist has continued to record himself at home. As the release adds, this allows him "to express himself as freely as he chooses as he brings sounds typically employed by big budget studios to his four­track tape."

Hardly a standalone release, Water the Next Day is the first album in a three-part series. The records will explore the various sides of Audet's creative personality.

Water the Next Day will be released on April 21 as a limited cassette and digital download via Egg Paper Factory. Pre-order the release here. The album's "Look" and "Always" can both be streamed below.

Un Blonde will perform an album release show on April 17 at Montreal's Poisson Noir.

Water the Next Day:

1. Your First Step
2. Look
3. The Same For You
4. Reliance On You
5. Playing With Me
6. You Made It Good
7. True
8. To Stand On
9. Always
10. Wait So Long
11. Glow Of This Morning
12. Something Else