Ummagma "Galacticon" (video)

Ummagma 'Galacticon' (video)
Ukraine-bred, Ontario-based dream-pop duo Ummagma released their Frequency EP last year, born from a search for optimism in leaving their war-torn home behind. The Eastern European country served as the inspiration for a new video for dreamy EP cut "Galacticon," which Exclaim! has your first look at right here.

Layered amongst clips of gently falling snow is aerial footage of Kremenets, the small hometown of band member Alexander Kretov. The overhead shots take the viewer overtop of the ruins of Bona Castle, as well as Soviet and Polish style architecture, still standing from years of Polish rule.

In a statement, Ummagma had this to say about the video:

The video for "Galacticon" was so timely for us because we had become really homesick — yes, sick for the home we left behind in Ukraine — and we were so saddened by this loss, despite having gained much else upon returning to Canada. Fortunately, we were able to work with an aerial videographer, who was able to capture on film so many of the parts of Kremenets that we love — this mystic 800-year-old city with its 'broken castle' (Bona) and old Soviet buildings, mixed with Polish architecture, rolling knolls. This beautiful place is considered the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. We are so glad we could bring this beauty to our readers and provide the perfect soundtrack to these visuals, which have inspired us for the past decade of making music.

Frequency is out now through Moon Sounds Records. Watch the video for "Galacticon" in the player below.