UMFANG Details 'Ok' Release for 1080p

UMFANG Details 'Ok' Release for 1080p
Emma Olson has become familiar within New York-based arts collective Discwoman — a movement, which as the name implies, shines the spotlight on women in electronic music — but she is perhaps better known as UMFANG. Now, Olson has just announced plans for her next musical offering under that moniker.
UMFANG will release a new album titled Ok on August 4. It will be available both digitally and on cassette through Vancouver-based record label 1080p.
The 11-track album follows up her self-titled debut from earlier this year, which dropped via Videogamemusic.
According to the folks at 1080p, Ok will deliver "amorphous, polyrhythmic techno" that draws inspiration from Latin drum patterns, DJ breaks and minimalist percussion. Repetitive grooves, a blend of straightforward and sci-fi influence sounds, and simple melodies come together to make "approachable, unstuffy music made for everyone."
You can see the album artwork pictured above, while the full tracklisting can be found below.
1. Shant
2. Beta Librae
3. Ok
4. Mica
5. Shockshock
6. Quietly And Softly
7. How To Lie
8. Vast
9. Minus Twenty
10. Six
11. Cygnus