Ultrathin Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, QC September 22

UltrathinBrasserie Beaubien, Montreal, QC September 22
Photo: Steve Louie
Gimme flanger little stranger. Gimme an angry-looking Shaun Anderson in a red "J'aime les Québécoises" T-shirt breaking guitar strings during what was Ultrathin's second show of the day — the first being a free show out in the pouring rain. Ultrathin are usually at their best when they play the worst places. And the scene which they're part of has an incomparable talent for scouting out venues that have inadequate PA systems, tiny (or no) stages, decrepit old timers in the way and bartenders that think Johnny Walker is a cocktail. Playing numbers that all sounded like behind-the-counter collector 7-inch from THAT era in late 1976 when American punk rock was truly at its peak, the Thins even threw in a Urinals cover for the non-believers — if there were any. Bets are still on for the date when Ultrathin will be cut short at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

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