Ultra Dolphins Mar

The mournful accordion that opens Mar is the first sign that things are taking a turn for the progressively weird on Ultra Dolphins’ first full-length. And considering how out there their EP, Why Are You Laugh, was that’s no small statement. Shedding some of the abrasive aggression of the EP for increased experimentation and freedom, both musically and vocally, Mar is definitely less "metal” than their EP but no less invigorating. Easy comparisons remain the Blood Brothers, perhaps more than ever with Mar, which on top of its musical pursuits incorporates more vocal dynamics this time around, and the increased experimentation lends an air of Mr. Bungle’s insane genius to the proceedings — melancholy piano over a drum & bass beat with guitar noise? Sure. Mar is also more melodic and better orchestrated while at the same time being more challenging than and just as spastic as Why Are You Laugh. While it is lamentable that Ultra Dolphins lost some of their bash and thrash in their evolution, the increased oddness and musical experimentation still places them neck and neck with other avant oddballs pushing genre limits. (Robotic Empire)