UHF Lottery

Out of the woody and rainy American Northwest comes UHF, an unapologetically early Who inspired four-piece that delivers fine, if not particularly highly energetic, early '60s pop. With melodious, almost dream-like compositions that float over a curious salad of instrumental arrangements (whistles, accordions, flutes, kazoos and French horns), one is reminded of some of the Who's more downbeat and experimental songs that flirted with psych and the budding flower power movement (think "Disguises‚" "Circles" and "Our Love Was"). This is not to take away from UHF, however - the Who are very fine influences, as are other mod, '60s icons whose traces can be made out on the album, like the Beatles, the Kinks and the Turtles. We could use a little more aggressive "Call Me Lightning" finger-snapping and furious "My Generation" pop songs, though. (Second Story)