Udo Mastercutor

Best known as the front-man for ’80s heavy metal stalwarts Accept, singer Udo Dirkschneider rivals Glenn Danzig for most diminutive body in heavy music. However, even the evil Elvis would be hard-pressed to deliver such a shredding vocal attack over a brazen instrumental background with this much weight. Three decades into his career, Dirkschneider still shows no signs of wear, his raspy, throaty presence even more imposing with age and wisdom on tracks such as "The Instigator,” "We Do — For You” and "Master Of Disaster.” Fast, aggressive and direct, Mastercutor slips cleanly in between the groove of ’80s metal and the force of thrash without sounding dated or weak. In fact, Mastercutor may not garner the same attention as releases by British contemporaries Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson (who are equally as impressive with age) but in terms of delivering the goods, this German ravages them with ease. (Candlelight) (Candlelight)