Uberhund Inexpensively Embalmed

Sonic circular melodies pervade this 28-minute collection of songs from California’s Uberhund. The morose title, Inexpensively Embalms, strangely fits the moody sound that the band creates. Their lyrics are hidden just below the rattling drum surface, leaving them almost completely unintelligible. Gauging from what is understandable, this is a positive — these guys aren’t going to win any Pulitzers, but they have crafted a unique sound that incorporates simple melodies and a grinding, high pitch, two guitar sound that is contagious. The sensibility is decidedly non-pop, but the melodies tempt the listener into repeated listening. Its sombre tone does not go overboard and become silly or overwrought. Of course, we are only talking about 27 minutes here, with the latter half being the drawn out instrumental “The Deth Sleeve,” but if this effort is any indication than Uberhund has a place in the wide world of pop music. A dark, edgy, angry place, but a place nonetheless. (Cream Cloud)