U2's the Edge Finally Gets Approval to Build Himself Five Mansions in Malibu

U2's the Edge Finally Gets Approval to Build Himself Five Mansions in Malibu
From AIDS to apartheid to ISIS, U2 frontman Bono has always been something of an activist. Not to be outdone, guitarist the Edge has also contributed to major change after a long protest. Specifically, he's won a legal battle so that he can build himself five mansions in Malibu.

Anyone who's heard the guitar work of the Edge knows he's no stranger to delay, but he's had to wait 10 years for approval to build his five homes in California.

Back in 2009, we reported that environmentalists were concerned that the Edge's ridiculous five-home plan would evict an archery club and put the environment and surrounding wildlife at risk. It was also rumoured that he was planning to level an entire mountain!

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Edge was finally approved to build all five of his houses. As initially planned, they'll each be over 10,000 square feet and come with their own swimming pools. 

Catering to environmentalists, the Edge will now build his five giant homes closer together. He'll also use exterior colours that help the homes blend in with the environment. Further, he agreed to leave 140 acres of his land open to hikers.

The guitarist released a statement, saying, "From Day One my intention was to build a home of the very highest possible standard of environmental sensitivity and sustainability. Together, this collaborative effort has achieved that goal."

Here's hoping the homes aren't too close to any steep falls, as the Edge has proven to be somewhat clumsy.