U2 Preparing A Second New Album for 2009 Release

U2 Preparing A Second New Album for 2009 Release
U2's upcoming No Line on the Horizon may not hit the shops until tomorrow, but the band have already revealed plans for its follow-up.

Apparently, the group are planning to release a yet-untitled album later in 2009, which will feature material from the same recording sessions as Horizon. It will serve as a "companion" album and come with a "more meditative and processional tone," U2 recently told the New York Times.

In a way, it makes sense that U2 would already have another album in the bag. After all, considering the band's last album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb came out five years ago, they certainly had enough time. What's more, on the road to Horizon, U2 had more than their fair share of different studio sessions and worked in different locations around the world before completing the album. They even aborted a whole project with producer Rick Rubin.

There's no word at this point if the Rubin material could be included on the new record, but U2 guitarist the Edge ensured the Times that they will not be following in Radiohead's pay-what-you-want footsteps with the album.

"My instinct is to stick with the record guys," he said. "They have to sell your records or sell the downloads, whatever it ends up being.

"To do that, first of all you've got to love and understand the music, and right now I'm not seeing any group that rivals the record labels on that front."

Bono added: "I'm interested in commerce. The excuse for bigness is that songs demand to be heard if they're any good. And without the kind of momentum of being in a big rock 'n roll band, you won't get your songs heard."