U2 42nd Street Station Busking Performances (live for 'Fallon')

U2 42nd Street Station Busking Performances (live for 'Fallon')
A few quick, fan-shot Instagram videos of U2's incognito New York subway performance surfaced the other day, but last night (May 8), Jimmy Fallon gave television audiences a fuller look at home they pulled off the ruse during a special, U2-centric episode of The Tonight Show that also featured a few more traditional late night performances.

As you'll see down below, the host and the Irish rockers donned disguises as they approached the 42nd Street Station, determined to blow a few minds with some intimate performances.

Wearing wigs, cowboy hats, fake facial hair and zipped-up hoodies, they made a bit of traction with the locals on a minimalist "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." While Bono's voice is pretty recognizable, it wasn't until they dropped the cornier parts of their costumes that transit riders put together what was going on. And then everyone seemingly enjoyed the hell out of "Desire."

Back in the Tonight Show studios, they gave up solid run-throughs of "Beautiful Day," Songs of Innocence's "Song for Someone," and an especially energized, brass-blasting version of Rattle & Hum classic "Angel of Harlem" that they played with the Roots.

You'll find all of those videos down below.