µ-ziq Announces 'Rediffusion' EP

µ-ziq Announces 'Rediffusion' EP
Considering the vast, diverse output of his Planet Mu imprint, we're frankly surprised that electronic musician Mike Paradinas finds the time to revisit his µ-ziq project. After last year's XTEP EP and Chewed Corners LP, along with the Somerset Avenue Tracks collection, however, the prolific musician has already prepared another platter.

µ-ziq's latest release is a six-song EP called Rediffusion. The EP is said to see the artist ditching the out-there IDM in favour of laid-back hip-hop.

Planet Mu explains that Rediffusion is "a thing of joy and hazy childhood memories," relating it to "the music of the future as it felt in the early '80s, filtered through the rhythmic shapes of more modern dance music innovations."

The label will issue Rediffusion on August 11. For now, you can check out the tracklisting below, along with µ-ziq's thematically similar retro TV mix MS187.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.


1. Taxi Sadness
2. Rimmy
3. PRG
4. Blem
5. Smeester
6. Tambor