Tyvek Return with 'On Triple Beams'

Tyvek Return with 'On Triple Beams'
It's been two years since scrappy Detroit punks Tyvek issued their fantastic Nothing Fits LP. Thankfully, they haven't thrown in the white synthetic material, however, as the group have just unveiled another new album.

The new slab is called On Triple Beams, and sees the group exploring "a certain optimism," as a press release explains that "the melodies open up into a much more spacious musical headspace, channelling unexpected positivity."

Thematically, the album is inspired by the strange new world that the band's hometown is becoming as new settlers gentrify old neighbourhoods for better or (as the press release suggests) worse.

"Sometimes the new jacks just gotta get put in check, and obviously Mommy and Daddy weren't ever going to do it," the write-up states. "In the midst of so much change,Tyvek is energized by the chaos of a city in flux, the crucial moments that make up everyday life, and the unfiltered reality of sensory experiences. Hear the sound and jump all around."

On Triple Beams, whose artwork you can see above, will be released on November 13 via In the Red on CD and LP.

On Triple Beams:

1. Scaling
2. Early Spring
3. Sea Walls
4. Say Yeah
5. Little Richard
6. City of a Dream
7. Wayne County Roads
8. Midwest Basements
9. Efficiency
10. Returns