Beefs 2011: Tyler, the Creator Fires Back at Steve Albini

Beefs 2011: Tyler, the Creator Fires Back at Steve Albini
Following the recent comments made by legendarily cranky Steve Albini against the "assholes" in rap troupe Odd Future, the band's de facto leader Tyler, the Creator blasted the indie figure over a series of tweets.

Responding to allegations that the Odd Future crew cursed a blue streak and generally treated a handful of people on an airport shuttle in Barcelona like garbage, the rapper defended himself, denouncing most of Albini's claims. But first thing's first for Tyler: he wants someone to explain to him who the hell Albini is.

"Feel Like I Have To Defend Myself. 1 Idk Who The Fuck Steve Albino Is 2. I Dont 'Nigger Everything Insight' 3. I Never Say Fuck U To Drivers," he tweeted late last night (August 9).

Aside from denying Albini's claims that they flipped the bird to an old lady and told a driver off after allegedly being told not to smoke a joint in the shuttle, Tyler also took offence to allegations that the crew boasted about how much they got paid over a gig. Dude thinks that's just classless, and good on him.

"4. We (odd future) Never Discuss How Much We Are Making A Show In Public, Ever."

While his argument that neither he nor his generation have a clue who the Shellac member is may be a bit juvenile -- "Me Nor Anyone i Know In My Age Group Know Who You Are, Old Ass. Surprised You Knew how To Use A Computer" -- he did flip the script on Albini by pointing out the aging punk's controversially monikered '80s outfit,Rapeman. "What's good with RAPEMAN," Tyler critiqued.

How the offensive band name stacks up to the countless uncomfortably rape-y verses scattered across the Odd Future catalogue is a matter of contention, but on a purely surface level analysis, point goes to the Creator.

Regardless, hopefully the debacle is behind them now. Tyler's got more pressing things on his mind now. "Okay, Back To Regular Shit: SO I FUCKING FAILED AT GETTING A PICTURE OF MY FART. FUCK," he posted this morning.

UPDATE: Odd Future publicist Heathcliff Berru has added, "i love Steve Albini's music but I gotta call him out on this one. I was in that ride with you guys. He's just grumpy and wrong!"