Tyler, the Creator "Yonkers" (piano version) (video)

Tyler, the Creator 'Yonkers' (piano version) (video)
Considering the heavy surge of blog hype lately it's pretty hard to avoid Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All right now. But then again, why would you? The troupe's mondo bizarro aesthetic has been poppin' off lately, whether on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or on Funny or Die, and we're captivated. Group leader Tyler, the Creator let loose his "Yonkers" video last month, but dude just dropped another version, revealing a different Tyler than what we've come to know: this one has a moustache. Or a fake one, at least.

This intimate clip starts off with Tyler staring deep into the camera before detailing that he's 19 years of age and that he has 30 bitches. He fidgets around on a piano bench for a moment before plunking down some simple but effective ivory twinkling. The ring of the out-of-tune piano slightly drowns out his low flow, but dude kills it up until his phony cookie-duster hightails it off his visage. He momentarily hesitates, reapplies the upper lip warmer and jumps back into the cut.

Inessential, yes, but entertaining and weird nonetheless.