Tyler, the Creator "French" (Toro y Moi remix) + Odd Future Meets Funny or Die Record Label

Tyler, the Creator 'French' (Toro y Moi remix) + Odd Future Meets <i>Funny or Die</i> Record Label
You might not have noticed this, but Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are your favourite hip-hop group. Between a wild-ass performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the announcement of Tyler, the Creator's upcoming XL debut, the oddball rappers are practically dominating your thoughts these days.

Their output remains relentless, with a new Toro y Moi-helmed remix of Tyler's "French." Taking the a cappella off the original, Toro main man Chaz Bundick laces a deep bass beat with some smooth, swagged-out back-up coos and '80s soft pop synth melodies. The gentle web Bundick weaves softens the blow for the Creator's WTF-worthy sex rhymes. You can download the tune, courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear, here.

Despite XL nabbing Odd Future's leader, Tyler the Creator, labels are still trying to get a piece of the Odd Future pie. A new skit up on Funny or Die presents comedian Paul Scheer as a sleazy record exec trying to ink the band to a deal, but the kids won't have it. At the suggestion of toning down their "rapey" rhymes so they can get onto the Disney Channel, the outfit trash his office and light his plants on fire. You just don't mess with artistic vision and a "devil-may-care attitude," man. Check the vid below.