Ty Segall Twins

Ty SegallTwins
Some artists have trouble releasing one album each year, let alone three, but 2012 has been the tour de force of album releases for garage rocker Ty Segall. Twins is Segall's third and final release of the year – fourth, if you include his singles compilation – and shows no signs of fatigue. Opening track "Thank God For Sinners" wastes no time picking up from where Slaughterhouse left off with a fury of guitars drench in reverb and Segall's voice bubbling to the surface. Each song barrels to the next in the messy nature of his live performances and perfectly captures the raucous style of Segall's blend of psychedelic, punk and blues. Even in a case like "The Hill," a catchy pop melody can be found buried underneath his myriad layers of fuzz-rock glory. Twins might not completely match up to the perfect storm of Slaughterhouse, but it is another solid addition to Segall's discography and yet another example proving that he is one of the most talented and prolific writers right now. (Drag City)