Ty Segall Manipulator

Ty SegallManipulator
Speed is the name of Ty Segall's game. The San Francisco garage rocker has gained a reputation over the past few years for his constant stream of releases, be it solo, with a band or accompanying other acts. The most impressive part, of course, is that the majority of these records are great, never losing quality to quantity, but maintaining both; for evidence, just take one listen to 2011's Goodbye Bread or its even more remarkable follow-up, 2012's Slaughterhouse. With Segall's newest release, Manipulator, the keen musician shifts gears; he seems to be taking his time, for once.

The product of a 14-month writing process, Manipulator finds Segall exploring the space and capacity of his own sounds and finally testing the intersections of his rock, folk, psych and garage rock influences. Thankfully, this proves successful, as the songs still possess the urgency and commotion of his best work, but thrive on added details and deft flourishes. This is most evident on the album's longer tracks such as "It's Over" and the following number, "Feel," the latter of which jumps off on a throbbing bass rhythm and snowballs into Segall's signature buzzing guitar solos. It's clear that Segall took his time and really felt these songs out to their fullest potential. It seems time, whether he races against it or takes it slow, is always on Segall's side. (Drag City)